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You have heard of rain boots but have you heard of Rain hats? These hats are a result of complete creativity and functionality mixed together. It offers you style as well as fulfill a need that all of us face in the rainy season.

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They are shaped like regular hats but are waterproof. The slightly hooded design protects you further from the rain and keeps your head all nice and dry even in drenching outpour. Rain hats are very popular these days among people who are not interested in wearing those heavy raincoats but just want to protect their head from getting wet.

These hats are made of wearable rubber which is of high quality and lightweight so it is easy to wear. If you are looking for an accessory that will make you look good and be useful in a tricky situation like being in the rain without an umbrella or a shelter, then rain hats are the hats you are looking for.