Our 3 Favourite Dad Hats?!

In a store full of insane dad hats, we've have found it incredibly challenging to pick our three favourites, very hard indeed. So many of them prove to be such stylish accessories, others vessels of creativity & some just straight up attractive on an emotional and sexual level.

It was a mission and one of great magnitude but in the end, we've narrowed down our three most favoured dad hats. The first is the Rose dad hat. Simplistic, stunning and overall scrumptious; the magnificent dad hat is our best seller. Whilst captivating through it's elementary design, it manages to match any outfit as well as any head. Available in six colours the cap is versatile as an accessory yet is very visually direct through it's simplistic meaning. By preaching love through it's symbolised rose, it's one of the rare dad hats that are sold with love but intended for love. 

Coming in at sexy second is the I Need My Space dad hat. Ironic in the use of the need of space juxtaposing the nasa symbol, the hat is a comedic yet stylish necessity for any casual get up. It's retro style mixed with its visually captivating layout makes it a gem of a dad hat and we're proud to have it in our store. If you need some space, this is the dad hat for you. 

Our last but not least is the Bad Hair dad hat. Although simple, it describes the use of the dad hat in a a nonchalant way complimenting its use with added comedic value. It is also one of the rare dad hats that is extremely relatable. We have all woken up grumpy with extreme hair often meaning we must either soak our skulls or massacre it with a brush. This dad hat will definitely take care of that as well as honestly letting everyone know about it.   

Overall, one thing is for sure and thats that our dad hats allow for a good time whenever they're placed upon your melon. Whether it's your first kiss, first kick flip or first day of school, a dad hat will sit on your head but will forever have your back.  

Do you have a different favourite three? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

Kind Regards,

Dad Hat Supply Co.

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