The Future of Dad Hat Supply Co...?

From humble beginnings, Dad Hat Supply Co. has slowly grown to become a business built around it's loyal customers who cherish the iconic dad hat as much as us.

With dreams as big as mountains, what is in store for us here at Dad Hat Supply Co?

Intending to become the empire of dad hats, or as we call them around here, 'melon cushions', we want to keep selling the dad hats which continue to add a little colour and creativity to the world.  

We don't sell dad hats to sell dad hats, we sell them so that people can wear and fulfil them. Our caps are nothing without its customers and thus, it is the customers which will have the important role of sharing the iconic trend to the vast corners of the world. 

One day, we intend to take our dad hats to the street, having stores that will be able to get dad hats closer to the community. This is a dream which all of us here are working to achieve, however, it's not the destination, it's the journey...

We will continue to dream about dad hats here and look forward to continue sharing them with the world. A single dad hat may not change the world, but, it might go along way to keep the sun off someone's melon who will. 

Kind Regards,

Dad Hat Supply Co.

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  • And I’ll be here to take all the official lookbook photos! ♥
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    • Clark Ramos