Is it Acceptable to Wear a Dad Hat at Night?

The dad hats you’ve seen growing up, have been glued to your old man’s bald spot forever protecting his soft and silky scalp. However, it is now the dawn of a new era and the tables have turned meaning it’s your spicy melon’s turn to rock the iconic cap which brings saliva to the mouth of every twelvie' alive. The trend, although delicious has some grey areas regarding the acceptability of wearing dad hats at night?! 

Your night might take different turns- you might go to bed, or you might end up in bed with someone (*wink wink). Nevertheless, in the comfort of your own home, the elements have decided that anything is allowed and accepted

Now, let’s enter the infamous paradox that is dress code at a night out. During the 2000’s humanity faced douchebags who wore sunglasses at night. Although most of us recognised the abomination it was, there were some weak links who rejected the etiquette. But, fear not little melons, we’re here to guide you. 

The dad hat is more than a pair of eye goggles. Although both block out the sun, the versatile and sexual dad hat is a stylish addition to an otherwise bland outfit; especially Good Vibes Dad Hat 😜. In contrast to the douchey sunglasses, it is the cherry on the top, a conversation starter, a little biography on your think tank. So, wear your alternative crown with pride anytime you’d like. Until next time, 


Dad Hat Supply Co.  

Written By Eline Barhaug

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