How to Wear a Dad Hat like a Pro

Wearing a Dad Hat is not as simple as it seems. A wise man once said, with great power comes great responsibility and therefore, the position for which a dad hat is placed is a statement for the trend and yourself. Now a lot of things go into the 'art' of wearing a dad hat correctly.

The position, angle and hair placement are all key elements in ensuring the cap maintains an aggressive pose upon your head. The position involves height and cap direction; key factors that may lead to success or the fatal demise of your scalp. To ensure you meet the required Dad Hat Policy, make sure the hat is placed softly, , not too high yet not looking like a squashed tomato. the angle of the hat must be perfectly straight and placed with an angle of 30°. 


Not everyone will be able to master the perfect dad hat position but to the ones who do, your life has just begun. In no time you'll be the sexiest guy or girl on the block with everyone wanting your number and your Dad Hat. 


Take advantage of everything Dad Hat Supply Co. has to offer you today to make what seemed like a far off goal, to a reality.



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